Creative Content Creation


We live in a visual world. Don’t take my word for it but consider research conducted by 3M Corporation which found that “humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.” As children we are taught with images because it makes it easy for us to remember and learn. Fact: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. It’s why images and videos are key in any marketing campaign. Stories can sometimes get lost in words, people can also interpret thing differently. Images need no translation when done right. CUERVOmedia can help you develop, produce and curate the most effective content for your company.

Communications and Public Relations

DSC_7842A clear, concise and focused communications plan can help a company raise their profile and define their identity. A strategic approach is essential to set goals, focus your target audience, identify opportunities and anticipate challenges. CUERVOmedia can help your company craft and implement a strategic communications plan and support your company during a time of crisis.

Digital Marketing 14390984_1292155084129259_7871777787704687570_n

According to Facebook more than 19 million Canadians are on their social network at least once a month and 14 million people log in every single day. There’s more, a 2015 study by Forum Research reveals that Facebook remains the top social network in Canada, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. CUERVOmedia can help develop a dynamic marketing plan for your product or service.

Event Planningimg_5917

We’ll work within your budget to plan and create your dream event. Big or small, we coordinate all the resources needed to ensure your conference or social event is flawless. At CUERVOmedia, it’s all in the details, we bring a dynamic flare to everything we create.