From C Student to Leader

A crazy thing happened on Thursday, June 28.  I was invited to speak before the 2018 graduates of St. Joseph’s College High School.

Something you should know, I was a terrible student in high school. It was not because I didn’t have the capacity, rather I was just immature and a bit of an idiot.

I was the opposite of my sister, who was a straight-A student and on the honour roll.

As it turns out, the aloof c-student I was at 18 eventually transformed into a more thoughtful adult and a dedicated leader.

I work hard to motivate my team and inspire them. I like to think I lead through actions.

I remember being 18. It was an exciting time but it was also full of uncertainty. How can you figure out your entire life and think your degree will lead to your dream job. I wish it happened like that. But I know it doesn’t.

It has taken me years to figure out my talents. I have taken many roads and it takes courage to start again and rebuild.

I’m still learning. For me, it’s the only way to move forward.