Canadian Pride: The Princess Margaret

When someone opens their heart to you and shares their cancer story, you listen. Because the journey is never easy, even when there is a positive outcome.

Over the past year and a half, I have been doing a lot of listening and I have shed many tears.

As Senior Director of Branding Communications at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, I make it a point to chat with as many people as possible in order to identify and craft the stories which are unique to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

This spring, I met a young woman who was scheduled to have a hysterectomy following her ovarian cancer diagnosis. She was trying to be strong and brave while dealing with a harsh new reality, she would never be able to bear children. Despite that, she was hopeful about the future because she had a great team caring for her at The Princess Margaret.

Like that young patient, I am also hopeful.

Real progress is being made. It’s happening at The Princess Margaret, and Canadians should be proud.

Every successful scientific discovery, clinical trial, and new treatment shields results, and those results are shared with other Cancer Centres around the world, impacting millions of people.

The Princess Margaret Transformers, showcases the technologies being used to transform cancer care for Canadians and the experts who are making the impossible possible.

Read The Transformers online or request a copy HERE.